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Information technology is not only a dominant economic sector but also a way of life among masses. Communication, commerce, education, and entertainment are dependent on IT intrinsically. Be it manufacturing setups, business establishments, institutes, or even households: the presence of IT is prominent everywhere. Banking, communication, trading, and even utility services would come to a standstill if IT infrastructure collapses or faults.

Information technology in lay terms refers to computing devices and their use. As a subject matter it is immense and is offered as an academic discipline in colleges and universities. So immense is its scope that elementary lessons are offered in schools.

Our involvement with IT is in the form of services offered in different categories. We at Versasia specialize in: Web application development, Mobile application development, Open source Development and High-End IT solutions. Qualified professionals for each of these services are engaged by us so as to create customized solutions that are economically viable.

Web Application Development

Our web application development service is all about developing, support, and maintenance of websites and online applications. A website today is your instrument of marketing and commerce across Internet. It gives you not only an opportunity to reach out to millions of viewers across the globe, but also a scope of generating revenue. Sufficient effort and care is thus needed to design a website. Our effort is not just limited to website creation but also its support, improvement, and maintenance.

Mobile Application Development

Significance of mobile applications is growing daily. This segment has immense potential and is a challenge for developers. We design applications that are compatible across every platform such as Android, iOS and other mobile devices. These applications or apps are shortcuts to named websites. Once an app is downloaded, its function becomes available just by clicking on it. These apps could be for utility services, gaming, entertainment, or communication. The choice of applications depends entirely on your requirement.

Android Mobile Development - Mobile Application Development iOS Mobile Development - Mobile Application Development Phone Gap - Mobile Development - Mobile Application Development

Ionic Cross Platform Development - Mobile Application Development Titanium Cross Platform Development - Mobile Application Development

Open Source

Versasia has included this service to create a platform for innovations and continuous improvement. Proprietary software problems are closed and does not allows interference from external sources. Modifications and improvements only lie with the proprietor. With open source tool changes and enhancements could be made online and by anyone. It is always a collaborative effort where programmers might modify or improve upon a code whenever the need arises. Several easy to use tools like WordPress, Magento, AngularJs, HTML5, and JavaScript are used by us for web designing.

Wordpress Website Development - Open Source Development Magento Website Development - Open Source Development HTML5 Development - Open Source Development

Angular Js Development - Open Source Development Javascript Development - Open Source Development 

High-End IT Solutions

Our IT services extend to offering High-end IT solutions as this is a vital segment. This service is specially designed for customers that have data intensive work. Data needs to be protected, particularly when they are of sensitive nature. High-end solutions offered by us allow a secured and safe environment for our clients. CRM and e-Commerce are typical High-end applications.

With Versasia it is possible to explore new ways of improving business and increase your productivity even under severe competitive environments.

E-Commerce Website Development - High end IT Solutions eCRM Development - High end IT Solutions