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Rebar Detailing

Rebar Detailing

Versasia Infosoft is one of the top most companies in the industrial sector specializing in the Rebar Detailing jobs to prepare special drawings for the construction sites. The expert team members of the designer group prepare the design drawings that gradually develop the required strengths by applying rebar size, spacing, lap of sheet and location.

A rebar is an essentially iron bar built of steel with concrete structures and Rebar detailing is software which is being used by the rebar detailers working in the construction sites and the civil engineering projects. All the project managers who work under Versasia Infosoft are highly qualified and are experienced in rebar installation and are also familiar with the construction practices and other issues that arises on the site. We always maintain a good rapport along with the contractors, stake holders, installers and engineers and tend to offer phone or field support to the clients as required.

Versasia Infosoft has been serving clients with the use of latest Rebar detailing software which is fast, reduces cost and helps to save time. It also standardizes their products and processes and identifies the alternative technical and construction sites. Our company offer high quality Rebar Detailing services globally. The Rebar Detailing services include a range of services such as rebar concrete shop drawings, bar bending schedules, retaining wall detailing a, rebar placement drawings and many others. Moreover we are probably one of the few companies who have diversified work experiences in Rebar Detailing in order to suit the different industry practices.

The projects of Versasia Infosoft mainly include commercial and industrial structures, high rise and low rise buildings, parking garages, and specially structured tanks and retaining walls and public sectors. Our mode of planning and the design of the drawings and the project schedule depend strictly on the basis of the clients’ need for the small and large scale project. Versasia Infosoft provides easy legible drawings to the clients that are easy to understand and support with all the information required to complete the work. Before taking up the work, our company actually read all the specifications and then plans their work, thus saving time, money and energy. The clients can contact our company anytime with their various doubts and we are always present to support all the clients and are ready to solve their problems and requirements.