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Web Application Development

Web development in today’s world of online communication and digital marketing is a mandatory area of innovation and investment. Websites are like gateways over Internet and it is advisable to make them attractive and functional to the greatest extent possible. Website designing and development assumes a distinguishing level with Versasia.

We offer web development services customized to suit your purpose and budget. We create flexible, responsive and affordable websites that help in creating a long lasting impression on viewers’ minds. As website is the basis of Internet presence and online marketing, we engage the best resources both human and technological.

Tools of latest versions are used for creating web designs that are functional and purposeful.

Platforms that we work on:


This tool is instrumental in creating dynamic web pages. We use PHP in creating highly interactive and customized websites and web pages. The advantage of using this tool is its 3-tiered architecture that works on database system, server and browser linearly. Nearly 82 percent of websites are created using PHP.

Another notable benefit of using PHP as a web designing tool is its acceptability over social networking sites like Facebook. As many of Facebook’s applications are scripted using PHP, establishing communication becomes easier.

Dot Net

This tool based on Microsoft.NET framework is highly effective in creating robust websites. Websites created using Dot Net are scalable thereby leaving sufficient scope for growth as and when needed. We use this application when amount of data involved is huge and security is a major concern.

Cake Php

Like Dot Net, CakePHP is also a robust web designing application. We use this tool when it becomes necessary to organize files and database together with creating a website. The framework follows MVC (model – view – controller) principle that enables organizing of files and data faster. A basic organizational structure is provided by this framework that helps in keeping applications logical and consistent.

Zend Framework

Zend is an object oriented open source web application framework built on MVC principle. Zend Framework, also termed ‘component library’ is essentially a collection of professionally designed PHP packages. This allows for continuous integration and testing of packages during development of websites and web pages. Further, this application helps in categorising web applications into three sections: business logic, presentation, and data access. This well- defined separation is greatly advantageous for creating organized websites.

Code Ignitor

With this application it is possible to create multiple sets of smaller applications under a single large application.

With the demand for web designing changing almost on a daily basis, Versasia is equipped to address every one of these. Our commitment lies in not only creating effective websites but also supporting them round the clock.